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Cable Assembly Motion Control M23 Amphenol Sine Systems

Amphenol is pleased to announce the Motion Control Selection Guide.  A resource for compatible products to Allen Bradley 2090 Cable Assemblies. 

Amphenol’s combined motor power supply, brake and digital feedback cables, specifically for servo motors with Hiperface DSL® interface, achieve the highest standards within a single cable technology. These 2090 Series C-track compatible cables are designed with high active and passive interference resistance capabilities especially suited for industrial environments requiring low capacitance to maximize system power density.  Our continuous-flex cable assemblies are readily available with the Checkmate™ Quick-Locking connector and Metrifit™ strain relief system.

Ideally suited for the Motion marketplace, the Checkmate™ Quick-Locking Connectors’ robust metal housing features enhanced performance for today’s standard systems by increasing the reliability and performance of one of the most dependable interconnect systems on the market.

Downloadable Catalog



  • Enhanced next generation anti-vibration dual-ratcheting coupling system. 
  • Checkmate™ is intermateable and compatible with rival M23 quick coupling products.
  • Distinctive alignment arrows with lock/unlock identifiers (ensures a solid connection every time)
  • Quick-locking reliability.  1/8th turn locks the connector vs traditional threaded style coupling
  • Functional design allows for rapid orientation with tactile, visual and audible confirmation.
  • Vibration and shock tested up to 20g (vibration) and 50g (shock) in 3 axis
  • Secure connection ensures signal integrity and longer contact life
  • Superior 360° shielding available
  • Compact strain relief design allows for tighter clearances
  • Greater fluid resistance with IP67 sealing
  • Custom colors and labeling available