MagnaMate ATHP Series

Amphenol Sine Systems' MagnaMate™ ATHP is a plastic power connector series designed to be used in the Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) market. Available in three compact and robust sizes, MagnaMate™ Standard, MagnaMate™ Mini, and MagnaMate QL (Quick Lock) The robust plastic shells can withstand high temperatures up to 130°C and provide dielectric protection.

• 2 positions + HVIL

• 1000 Volts

• 8mm (Max 180A) or 2.5mm (Max 35A) Power contact 

• Features Radsok® Technology

• IP67 Rated

• Constructed of heavy-duty thermoplastic

• Able to withstand extreme vibration and mechanical shock

• Operating temperature range of -40°C to 130°C

• Inline or panel mount