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Entertainment@Amphenol is the global brand-name of Amphenol Audio, based in Australia, and is represented in North America by Amphenol Sine Systems headquartered in Clinton Township, MI USA. This branding better represents the extensive range of pro-audio, broadcast, video display & lighting products available worldwide.

  • XLR Series XLR Series

    • Connectors
    • Chassis Mounts

  • Loudspeaker Series Loudspeaker Series

    • Connectors
    • Chassis Mounts

  • HP Series Power HP Series Power

    • Quick release, vibration resistant latch lock
    • 3 pole
    • Screw Terminals or Solder Tab 3/16”
    • Industry standard mating

  • HPT Series Power HPT Series Power

    • 2+PE contact layout
    • IP65 rated (in mated conditon)
    •Quick release, vibration resistant ”
    •True mains connector with CBC