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[email protected] is the new brand-name we recently launched, better representing all Amphenol Audio pro-audio, entertainment lighting and special effects products that we design and manufacture.

We aren’t just “audio” any more, but now focus on the entire Entertainment electronics market! Amphenol Audio has been designing and producing products for the pro-audio industry for over 60 years. Focused on innovation & development of next generation industry leading products for the entertainment industry and offering an extensive range of professional connector and cabling products for audio, video and lighting professionals, we deliver cost effective, problem solving solutions that your business needs.


  • XLRnet Ethernet XLRnet Ethernet

    • Cable Connectors
    • Chassis Mounts
    • Accessories

  • 1/4 1/4" and 3.5mm Audio Plugs & Jacks

    • 14-20AWG, 13A, Size 16
    • SwitchPlug Series for smooth instrument changes
    • General use plugs and jacks for musicians
    • Professional grade 3.5mm audio plugs for robust interconnects


    • Cable Connectors
    • Chassis Mounts