Ecomate RM - High Amperage

High Amperage metal circular connectors Amphenol Sine Systems

The Ecomate® RM - High Amperage series is the connector of choice wherever there are demanding interconnect architectures. High Amperage connectors are available in single pole, high power arrangements featuring RADSOK® technology, ranging from 86A-300A. RADSOK® products are offered exclusively by Amphenol.  Our Ecomate® RM products are designed to be a competitive alternative to other industry standard products while maintaining the best possible mechanical and environmental quality on the market. Our Ecomate® RM products feature UL94-V0 flammability ratings, RoHS compliance, rugged nickel plated aluminum outer shells and bayonet locking systems that require only a 1/3 turn. An audible locking “click” indicates proper installation.  All of our Ecomate® RM industrial grade circular connectors are manufactured to be intermateable with other industry standard connectors.