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50 Years Strong

50 Years Strong 1967-2017 Read More

A Series Thermoplastic Connectors

A Series Thermoplastic Connectors include the AT™, ATM™, ATP™ and AHD™ Series and have key placement in all areas of heavy duty equipment, agriculture, marine, automotive, military, alternative energy and other demanding interconnect applications.  (Read more)

C091 Circular Connectors

C091 Circular Connectors are used in the areas of automation, test measurement & control, medical, sensors and telecommunication. Metal screw or plastic bayonet circular connectors in arrangements of 2,3,8,12 and 14 positions up to 300V, with a protection degree of up to IP68.  (Read more)

Distributed Power & Control / Factory Automation Solutions

Engineered for fast, flexible, on-site, plug-and-play connections without specialized tools or complex cable schematics. These modular and scalable systems allow you to rapidly reconfigure to meet your customers changing demands.  (Read more)

Ecomate® Threaded Plastic Circular Connectors

The Ecomate® Threaded Plastic Circular Connectors meet the high requirements needed for applications in industrial technology. Easy operation, reduced dimensions and a more robust design are only a few features of the series.  (Read more)

Ecomate® RM Rugged Metal Shielded & Ecomate® RM High Amperage Circular Connectors

The Ecomate® RM series is the connector of choice wherever there are demanding interconnect architectures. The multiway connectors are available in 7 shell sizes and 25 insert arrangements with a variety of wire gauge options. It is the high-performance, cost-effective solution of choice for our customers.  (Read more)

Ecomate® Aquarius Waterproof Circular Connectors

The Ecomate Aquarius Waterproof Connectors are IP68/69K rated.  With a plastic shell and low profile housing, they are ideal for Indoor/Outdoor applications.  (Read more)

Ecomate® C16 Circular Composite Connectors

When there are rough environmental conditions the series C16-3 is in. The program includes a variety of housing types and a wide range of contact arrangements and contact technologies. Solutions up to 900V or 50A are available.  (Read more)

Heavymate® Heavy Duty Connectors

Heavymate® Heavy Duty Connectors are robust, vibration-proof, corrosion-resistant connectors designed for industrial applications, both indoor and outdoor. They offer a wide range of inserts for signal and power transmission and a wide variety of pole sizes ranging from 3 to 280 poles per connector.  (Read more)

M8 and M12 Waterproof Connectors and Distribution Boxes

M8 and M12 waterproof connectors and distribution boxes have been developed to meet and exceed the needs of numerous industries requiring waterproof connectors that are resistant to high/low temperatures, corrosion, shock vibration, dust and moisture build-up. Specifically designed for Industrial Automation Equipment, Marine and Test & Measurement applications. We offer a variety of high quality M8 and M12 connectors as well as distribution boxes ranging from market standard to highly customized solutions. (Read more)

Motiongrade M23 and M40 Circular DIN Connectors

MotionGrade™ M23 and M40 Circular DIN Connectors are all IP67 rated, ideally suited for advanced servo drive encoder feedback applications, packaging, robotic, printing, machine tool, medical, automation environments and much more.  (Read more)

RADSOK® Technology

RADSOK® Technology is a new generation of power contacts offered exclusively by Amphenol. The unique hyperbolic construction is used to achieve high power transmission up to 470A.  (Read more)

Smart Card Connectors (C700 Series)

Smart Card Connectors are integral components of a smart card reader or terminal, and provide electrical contact to the smartcard's pads.  (Read more)

M8, M12 (1/2”) and M22 (7/8") Factory Automation

Our robust, streamlined and scalable Factory Automation patchcords and cordsets were developed for use in conveyors, sorting, automated storage/retrieval, packaging, overhead transport, palletizing, etc.  (Read more)

PRODUCT IMAGE DISCLAIMER: All images on this site are merely a representation of the actual part.  Color, sizing, material and plating surface may differ. The best option is to request samples from the Product Manager.

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