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Ecomate® RM Rugged Metal Shielded Connectors

Ecomate rugged metal shielded connectors inserts are available in 7 shell sizes and 25 insert arrangements with a variety of wire gauge options providing a highly flexible interconnect solution that reduces system complexity. With a quick twist of the bayonet coupling system, these connectors provide positive tactile feedback to ensure confident mating. This feature also reduces time and labor during installation. Ideal for temporary submersion, (achieving IP67) where water and dust protection are needed. Designed to withstand climate ingress and exposure to salt spray or a corrosive atmosphere while still maintaining mechanical and electrical functionality in demanding applications. High Amperage connectors are available in one or three pole high power arrangements featuring RADSOK® technology. Custom developed solutions are available for both standard and high amperage connector systems.

ecomate rm rugged metal shielded connectors

Ecomate® Threaded Plastic Circular Connectors

Ecomate threaded plastic circular connectors meet the high requirements needed for applications in industrial technology. Easy operation, reduced dimensions and a more robust design are only a few features of the series. Typical applications include plant construction and machine building. The connector is used for measuring and controlling applications and for power supply technology. The series is comprised of a large selection of housings and offers screw, solder and crimp termination. Ergonomically designed, featuring a quick and easy assembly. Standard products feature 3 +PE and 6 +PE contacts in straight or angled housings with available voltage up to 400V and 16A. High voltage capacity of up to 20 contacts and up to 900V and 50A. Available in hybrid inserts that combine power and signal with a protection degree of IP68.
ecomate threaded plastic circular conectors

Heavymate® Connectors

Heavymate connectors feature a robust design necessary for harsh environments. The vibration proof, corrosion resistant connectors are designed for industrial applications, both indoor and outdoor. They offer a wide range of inserts for signal and power transmission and a wide variety of pole sizes ranging from 3 to 280 poles per connector. Current ratings up to 25A per contact and voltage up to 1000A. Available as a modular connector system with hybrid interconnections offering customized solutions to our customers. VDE, UL, Radsok® high power technology contained in RJ45, USB, fiber optics and other heavy|mate® series.
heavymate connectors

M35 (1 3/8") and M40 Power Distribution Products

Amphenol's proven wiring systems offer time savings during both the plant layout and installation phases by simplifying your wiring needs. Engineered for fast, flexible on-site connections without specialized tools, complex cable schematics and a reduced reliance on highly skilled labor allows your system commissioning time to run on budget. Even when your plant floor requirements change, these modular and scalable systems allow you to rapidly reconfigure to meet your customers changing demands. Availability of 3 to 6 circuits. 600V and up to 40A. Compliant with various codes such as NFPA 79-2007 standards and is UL2237 PVVA listed.

M35 and M40 Power Distribution Products

M8 and M12 Waterproof Connectors and Distribution Boxes

M8 and M12 waterproof connectors and distribution boxes have been developed to meet and exceed the needs of numerous industries requiring waterproof connectors that are resistant to high/low temperatures, corrosion, shock vibration, dust and moisture build-up. Specifically designed for Industrial Automation Equipment, Marine and Test & Measurement applications. We offer a variety of high quality M8 and M12 connectors as well as distribution boxes ranging from market standard to highly customized solutions.
m8 and m12 waterproof connectors and distribution boxes

MotionGrade M23 and M40 Circular DIN Connectors

MotionGrade M23 and M40 circular DIN connectors are designed to excel in performance and reliability in the most demanding environments. All M23 and M40 products are IP67 rated. Ideally suited for advanced servo drive encoder feedback applications, packaging, robotic, printing, machine tool, medical and automation environments where control signal transmission or power are required in a robust and compact delivery system. Standard power insert arrangements from 6-9 positions, up to 630V and 28A. Signal arrangements range from 12-17 positions, up to 160V and 10A. The Hybrid DMC series ensures a compact, robust delivery system for power, signal and communication in one connector by utilizing an Ethernet quad element design for decentralized systems and daisy-chained environments. The new Metrifit molded strain relief features the industry's most compact excellent EMC and IP protection.
motiongrade m23 and m40 circular din connectors

A Series Connectors

A Series connectors include the AT, ATM, ATP and AHD Series. They have key placement in all areas of heavy duty equipment, agriculture, marine, automotive, military, alternative energy and other demanding interconnect applications. Based on our time-tested design, offer high performance capabilities and are compatible with other existing standard products industry-wide.
a series connectors

RADSOK® Technology

RADSOK® Technology is a new generation of power contacts offered exclusively by Amphenol. The unique hyperbolic construction is used to achieve high power transmission up to 470A. In addition to the high current capacity, the RADSOK® has many other advantages: self-cleaning contacts, low contact resistance due to high contact coverage (up to 65%), low insertion force, high cycle durability, and the ability to absorb strong vibrations, even with small diameters. RADSOK® solutions are included in several product lines, including heavy|mate® ground|mate®, board|mate®, C146M Modular System, C360, Series 44, and C16-3.

radsok technology

smart card connectors c700


Smart Card Connectors (C700 Series)

Smart Card Connectors are integral components of a smart card reader or terminal, and provide electrical contact to the smartcard's pads. Amphenol Smart Card Connectors are designed to make secure contact to all cards designed according to ISO 7816 and thus ensure a reliable data transmission.


industrial connectors

M8, M12 and M22 (7/8") Factory Automation

Our robust, streamlined and scalable Factory Automation patchcords and cordsets were developed for use in conveyors, sorting, automated storage/retrieval, packaging, overhead transport, palletizing, etc. The microBOSS M12 system is offered in 3, 4, and 5 pin configurations that deliver signal to a wide variety of devices, utilizing both UL AWM-style 2661 and CSA AWM I/II A/B cable, as well as Flex and High Flex cable options. The miniBOSS M22 system is offered in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 position configurations. This system allows for cost- effective power and signal distribution, utilizing UL STOOW/CSA Type ST cable, as well as High Flex TPE jacketed UL Listed TC-ER cable. The Ethernet product line is a Cat 5e cable available in 24AWG/2 pair, in both M12 and RJ45 combinations, TPE jacketing along with a High Flex option.

m8 m12 and m22 7/8

C091 Series

c091 series connectorsC091 Series connectors are used in the areas of automation, test measurement & control, medical, sensors and telecommunication. Their proven design and performance make these connectors a recognized industry standard. Connectors and cable assemblies for outdoor use are subject to many extreme requirements. Superior sealing, temperature, salt mist and UV resistance are to name but a few of the important criteria this connector must fulfill. Amphenol has set the standards with our C091 circular connector series (IEC 60130-9). Metal screw or plastic bayonet circular connectors in arrangements of 2,3,8,12 and 14 positions up to 300V, with a protection degree of up to IP68.
industrial connectors

UV Market

Amphenol Sine Systems is highly focused on developing standard products and customer specific solutions for the UV disinfection market. These products cover a broad range of UV applications from water purification, waste treatment, surface purification to air purification. Our products are suitable for commercial, industrial, marine, and municipal requirements. Some examples of our UV products are lamp connector systems, ballast installation systems, power distribution systems, instrumentation connectors, waterproof connectors, and industrial control cable assemblies.

UV Market Connectors

Automotive Diagnostic

Amphenol Sine Systems has been an automotive OEM supplier for automotive diagnostics cable assemblies for 20+ years. These OEM programs must meet the highest standards of quality and reliability in the diagnostic industry. We continue to have an integral part in the following companies and their diagnostic needs: Ford Motor Company (IDS, VCM, VMM and WDS programs), GM Tech II, Jaguar, Land Rover, Honda, Mazda, Volvo Man, Knorr Bremse, Iveco Bosch, Teradyne, SPX, CNH Genrad, Rotunda, MPSI, BRP Spyder Mastercraft and Snap-On.

Automotive Diagnostic connectors and cable assemblies

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